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Order Picker Certification

Category E1 / E2

Order Picker Operator Novice

Who is this for?

This practical training course is designed for prospective Order Picker operators. This course fully complies with the approved code of practice for the training of lift truck operators.

The Order Picker Operator Novice Course:

To enable participants to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to operate Order pickers safely and efficiently. On completion of training, operators should have an accepted knowledge of the safety duties and operational techniques in relation to Order picker operations. Use the equipment safely and in accordance with the manufacturers guide lines and accepted good practice.

Course content:


•Understand the need for operator training

•Understand the duties and responsibilities of operators

•Identify the basic construction and main components of the Order picker

•Identify handling attachments which may be used in conjunction with a Order picker

•Locate and state the purpose and method of all controls

•Perform pre-use inspection of the Order picker

•Place the forks in a pre-determined position using the appropriate controls

•Identify various forms of load, and state the procedures for stacking and de-stacking.

•Assess the weight and centre of gravity of loads

•Understand factors affecting Order picker stability

•Make visual checks to structures to ascertain their suitability for loading and unloading

•Pick up and place loads at various heights

•Manoeuvre the lift truck in loaded and unloaded conditions

•Understand the action in the event of an emergency whist operating the Order picker

•Understand safe parking and isolation procedures


1 Day Refresher and Re-test

2-3 Days Experienced Operator Course (Depending on number of trainees)

3-5 Days Novice course (Depending on number of trainees)

Cox Training and Consultancy

 Caversham, Reading, Berks, RG4 5JN

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